The Southern Nevada Health District’s District Dish employee magazine was full of listicles providing staff with fun suggestions for how to spend their free time when away from the important public health work they do each day.

When I began as Art Director for Baltimore’s Gay Life magazine, the publication was biweekly, but the transition to monthly afforded me the opportunity to redesign everything from the ground up, from the table of contents onward. Although Gay Life was newsprint, I strove to give it a style more reminiscent of a glossy magazine, with vibrant colors and plenty of photography. For each edition of the Baltimore LGBT Visitors Guide, my goal was to ensure the look was unique and recognizable as a fresh new annual release.

Serving as graphic designer, art director and then editor/creative director for QVegas magazine meant spending countless long workdays to craft thousands of editorial layouts for the full-color, glossy publication. Designing feature pages meant devising a fresh look apropos for each article’s focus and feel. Every few years, I also had the pleasure of revamping the entire magazine from cover to cover, including devising new looks for each department page and section divider.